How to Link Aadhar with a Driver’s License?

Aadhaar has become slow but one of the most important documents of residents in India. UIDAI will now link Aadhaar with your driving license under the central government’s supervision. Various papers are being kept in conjunction with Aadhaar.

The Aadhaar Card and Aadhaar Card is issued by the UIDAI (Indian Identification Authority of India)

in accordance with the provisions of 2016 and has evolved as a requirement for Indian residents. This is not a proof of citizenship, but recognition and residence standard. The government is taking all necessary steps to encourage Indian residents to link their Aadhar card number bank account, demat account, driving license, PAN card etc.

Aaddar has been mandated to obtain government subsidies under various schemes. According to media reports, the Road Transport and Highways Ministry has begun unleashing unauthorized practices to accommodate Aadhaar with driving licenses of Indian residents.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways put an easy and unnecessary approach to residents of India through a simple step with the Aadhaar card driving license. The Ministry is responsible for issuing and renewing driving licenses. Each State and Union Territory has a specially constructed Road Transport and Highways Ministry, and therefore the online process that integrates Aadhaar card with a driving license may be slightly different in each state and union territory. The official license of the State Road Transport and Highways Ministry, which has a driving license, can initiate the process of linking the Aadhaar card to a driving license.

Steps to link Aadhaar card with an online driving license

The process of linking Aadhar card with driving license TA driving license holder can choose for online or offline processing according to his / her convenience.

Driving licenses are issued by each state road transport department or union territory. Hence the online method of linking Aadhaar with driving licenses will vary from state to state. However, the whole process will be the same. Aadhar is here to link driving licenses online

The online link process is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website of the State / UT Road Transport Department’s website

Step 2: Select ‘Link Audor’ button

Step 3: Click on the “Driving License” option from the drop down menu

Step 4: Enter your driving license number and select ‘Get Details’ tab

Step 5: Your driving license details are automatically displayed on the screen

Step 6: Enter your 12 digit font card number and contact number

Step 7: The contact number you entered here must be identical to the one registered with UIDAI

Step 8: Select the ‘Submit’ tab

Step 9: After you submit the details, you will receive an OTP (one time password) in the number you entered, click on it and click to confirm

Step 10: Once you have submitted the information submitted by the transport authorities, you will receive confirmation message in your contact number and email ID

Licensing driving license Aadhar card linking benefits

There are many examples that a person owns more than one driving license, which is not legally permissible. Road transport laws have clearly defined that more than one person has not registered driving licenses. The driving license issued in a state is valid in every other state and union territory.

The proposal proposed by the Government of India to link the driving licenses for Aadhaar card will control the illegal possession of several driving licenses by one person. Driving licenses that are not linked to Aadhaar card are deactivated within a specified period. Individuals with more than one license can voluntarily receive their licenses at the Regional Road Transport Department.

The government plans to expedite the linking process, which can be introduced after the law of the Road and Transport Ministry is finalized. When run, it makes the process of tracking down the duplicate and multi-driving license holders. In short, if you add Aadhaar card with driver’s license, enable the following:

Track multiple license holders

Track duplicate license holders

State transport waste hinges

Note: – The process can be used on all state transport departments web sites.

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