How to link Aadhaar number to PAN Card?

It is necessary to add Aadhaar to the PAN because your income tax return can not be processed unless it is associated with your Aadhaar Pan. Also, to get a banking transaction of over Rs 50,000, you need to get your pan and awards. It is easy to add a PAN card with Aadhaar card, the government has provided various practices. The deadline for joining the Aadhaar card is March 31, 2019.

There are two ways you can connect to Pan and Aadher.

These are: 1. The income tax e-filing website

2. Send SMS to 567678 or 56161

Aadhaar number and pan’s online linking

By following the steps below, people can get their pan and awards online:

1. Aadhaar number and PAN’s online linking

PAN can add online link of Aadhaar number to the income tax e-filing portal. There are two ways on the Income Tax Portal.

1. Without logging into your account (7 step process)

2. Logging to your account (6 step process)

1. Without logging into your account (7 step process)

Step 1: Go to and click on the link in the left pane – Link Aadhar

Step 2:: Enter your PAN and Aadhaar number in the form.

Step 3. Enter your name as mentioned in your Aadhar card (name mentioned on the Aadhaar card (avoid spelling errors).

Step 4. If you only mention your birthday on your Aadhaar card, you have to play the square.

Step 5. Now enter the captcha code specified in the image for verification

Step 6. Click on “Link Audor” button.

Step 7. A pop-up message appears to be successfully linked to your Aadhaar with your PAN.

Visually challenged users may request OTP to send to the registered mobile number instead of the captcha code.

Enter details and click Submit. Posting verification from UIDAI will be detected by force.

2. Logging to your account (6 step process)

Step 1: Register yourself at the Income Tax and Filing Portal if you are not already registered.

Step 2: Enter the e-Filing Portal of the Income Tax Department by entering a login ID, password and birth date.

Step 3: After you log into the site, a pop-up window will prompt you to connect your PAN card with Aadhaar card. If you do not see the popup, go to the blue tab on the top bar of ‘profile settings’ and click on ‘link ahadar’.

Step 4: Details, such as name, date and gender, have already been specified as per the details presented at the e-filing portal. Verify details on screen in your Aadhaar card.

Step 5: If the details match, enter your Aadhaar number and captcha code and click on the “Link Now” button.

Step 6: A pop-up message informs you that your Aadhar number is successfully linked to your PAN card.

3. Aadhaar number and PAN linking through SMS

To link to your Aadhaar Pan, follow these steps:

Type a message in the format.

UIDPAN <12 digit Aadhaar> <10 digit pan>

Send a message to 567678 or 56161 from your registered mobile number

If your Aadhaar Number 987654321012 and your PAN ABCDE1234F, you type UIDPAN 987654321012 ABCDE1234F 567678 or 56161

Can you not added PAN to Aadhaar? Here’s what

PAN cards must be linked to Aadhaar before expiration, otherwise they will be deactivated by the Income Tax Department. The applicant must have the same name in both PAN card and Aadhar card. If some spelling mismatch, the Aadhaar can not be linked to the pan. You need to correct your name and after the correction, you can easily connect your PAN with Aadhaar.

If your name is incorrectly written in the PAN card, follow these steps to make corrections:

Step 1: Visit the NSDL’s e-Filing website

Step 2: Change the option for the PAN Card / PAN Card from the drop down menu (no change in current pane data).

Step 3: Select a personal category and enter your details

Step 4: Pay the Aadhaar e-KYC and submit your form online

Step 5: Your updated pane is sent to your address

Step 6: Once you receive your PAN card, you can connect your PAN with Aadhaar

If your name is incorrectly written in the PAN card, follow these steps to make corrections:

Step 1: Visit the Aadhaar Enrollment Center

Step 2: Manage the authenticated copy of your proof of identity

Step 3: Fill Aadhaar Enrollment Form

Step 4: Submit the form along with the documents

Step 5: You will receive a receipt slip containing the update request number

Step 6: This URN can be used to check the status of your update request

Step 7: If your update request is processed and corrected the name, you can connect your PAN with Aadhaar

Importance of connecting a PAN card with Aadhaar card

PAN linking to all PAN card holders is important for the following reasons:

All PAN cards that are not connected with Aadhaar will be discontinued after March 2018. The government has mandated all the pans to be linked with Aadhaar.

Adding a pad to Aadhaar solves the issue of multiple PAN cards issued by the same name.

Your Income Tax Return form will not be processed if your PAN has no relationship with Aadhaar.

Customers will get the details of the taxes imposed on the user for future reference.

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