How to connect your Mac to a Wi-Fi network?

During a few moments of work, you may notice that your Mac is not connected to your WiFi network. Generally, you can restart the system and try connecting once again. It’s not always working and we do not know what to do with these scenes. Here are some troubleshooting methods.

  • Check your network It’s the first thing to check if your network is wrong. Try connecting to another device, it’s your mock, the issue of the problem.
  • Ethernet Cable Check If you use a cable to connect to the Internet, there is something with the LAN cable. Check if it’s safe, otherwise plug it in with another cable. This can be done if you do not use LAN cable to connect because it allows you to access the Internet for some time.
  • Interference may sometimes be away from your Mac router. Or the router is placed behind thick walls or in an inappropriate position. Signal interference may not be connected to your Mac.
  • Check your clear check if your Mac is actually WiFi or not. If so, check whether the connecting network is correct. There are chances that it can connect to a different network.

How to connect your Mac to a Wi-Fi network?

Update Update MacOS. System problems are usually caused by older software that needs upgrades. You can do this by mowing through the hitting Apple icon in the top left corner. Click about this mac and you will find a software update option.

  • Forget WiFi Network Repeat the credentials to reconnect the current network with a regular trick that often works. To do this, go to System Preferences> Network> Advanced by clicking on the Apple Logo. You will get a list of networks, select the one you want to disconnect and click on the minus sign.
  • Change the router Use the channels to connect the router. Some channels are crowded and may be delayed in connection. To change the channel, you need to know the IP of your router. Go to Network> TCP / IP. The IP of the router to your network. Copy it to your browser’s address bar. This allows you to monitor the channels of your router. It has a password, you can do it by google.
  • Restoring DHCP The DHCP assigns the IP address to your Mac. Restoring it may allow you to re-connect properly. You can do this by visiting the TCP / IP section as described earlier and restoring the DHCP lease.
  • Change DNS Settings There are many benefits to change your DNS. It fits your IP address to the domain name, allowing you to connect. Go to Advanced> Network> DNS> Under DNS servers. Click on the plus sign. Switch to available DNS numbers online

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