How to apply for voter card||Election dates announced 2019: How to vote in India, voter id and more

All Indian citizens aged 18 years of age or older are eligible to vote.

49% of the voting population is women, and most women are not registered voters. This time it’s time to change! As soon as the first phase of the election starts soon, make sure you vote now. Follow this easy process to create your voter ID:

The Election Commission announced the Lok Sabha election dates on Sunday. 2019 elections will take place in seven phases, starting from April 11 and ending in May 19.

Participation in democratic processes ensures that every Indian citizen is a fundamental right, and confirms that you are saying how India is treated. The first step (aged 18 or older) is not registered if you do not already have one. If it’s a complicated process, we’ve covered you.

Who deserves to vote?

All Indian citizens of 18 years of age are eligible for a vote on the qualifying date. Eligibility date of the election roll is 1 January. There are three categories in India:

– General voters

– Foreign (NRI) voters

– Service Voters

1.How to register as a voter:

Citizens may file an application indicated in Form-6 before their electoral registration officer / assistant electronic registration officer of their constituency.

There are many ways to file an application.

Applicant with relevant documents copies may be filed before the relevant electoral registration officer / Assistant Electoral Registration Officer.

– It can be sent by post to the booth level officer of the polling area or to her / herself.

– You can file an online application

How to Apply Online: Fill in Form 6

The first step to register your voter card will be filled in Form 6

– Go to National Voter Service Portal –

– Click on ‘Online Application for New Voter Registration’

– A new window will open with Form-6

– Fill out the form and click on ‘submit’.

2.Forms required for Form-6:

– A recent passport size color photograph

Photocopy of documentary evidence of age and residence

There are some basic documents to be submitted with your form, these documents must be verified or verified before you submit them.

ID proof: Everyone needs to submit ID proof: Any government identification photo identification is sufficient. For example:


Legally eligible to drive the vehicle

PAN card

Student Identification Card

Address proof: You must submit proof of residence. You have to live in that address for 6 months to vote at that address. This document can be used as proof of any address:

Bank / Kisan / Post Office Current Pass Book

Ration card


Legally eligible to drive the vehicle

Income Tax Assessment Order

Latest rental agreement

The latest water / telephone / electricity / gas connection bill for this address, in the name of the applicant or his / her immediate relatives (parent).

Any Post / Letter / Mail sent by the Indian Postal Department in the name of applicant

If these documents are not in your name and you are in the name of your landlord, you can sign on her or her affidavit claiming to be in the address that you specify. If proof of your address is in the name of a family member, you must prove the relationship; You need birth certification to prove your relationship with your parents and the wedding certificate is required if your spouse is registered.

Age Proof: If you are between 18 and 22 years old, you must submit age verification. Any government-recognized documents are as follows:

Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar of Municipal Authority or Birth Death Registry or the Baptist Certificate of District Certificate

Last year’s certificate from the school (Govt / Recognized) by the applicant or any other recognized institution

If a person has Class 10 pass (or above), if the birth date has a date of birth, he must give a copy of the mark sheet of class 10.

Mark sheet of class 8 or class 5 if it has a birth date


PAN card

Legally eligible to drive the vehicle

Aadhaar letter issued by UIDAI

3.Submit your form 6

You should submit your Form 6 and Certificate documents to your nearest ERO. You will receive a receipt in submitting your form; Keep it easy when you need to identify your forms!

It takes about 45 days a month to learn about the status of your voter ID. You will receive a call or mail. If you do not, you can contact the ERO office you submitted with the receipt received during your form submission.

If you do not have a voter ID card and you do not have to worry – you’ll be allowed to vote until your name is in the election list. Just your photo id (DL, PAN Card)

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