SSC MTS (2 Aug 2019, 1st,2nd &3rd Shift) BITS||MTS Tier-1 Asked Questions||Sathish edutech

SSC MTS (2 Aug 2019, 1st,2nd &3rd Shift) BITS||MTS Tier-1 Asked Questions||Sathish edutech

ssc mts 2019 today questions,SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2019: Today is the first day of SSC MTS Tier 1 2019 exam. SSC has concluded Shift 1 we provided Questions Asked SSC MTS 2 August 2019SSC MTS Tier I Exam Analysis 1st Shift. The most awaited exam of the year SSC MTS 2019


1.UTI bank renamed as,
 Axis Bank

2. Father of Indian green revolution


3.Quit india Movement started in which year
 9 August 1942

4. Silver fiber revolution is related to?


5.Which article describes about Discrimination of citizens of india?

 Article 15;

6.Becoming book author?
 Michelle Obama


7. GDP growth of 2018 -19?
7.3 per cent growth rate in 2018-19


8.Which is the protective layer of  on Lungs?

9. first indian woman to cross english channel?
 Arati Saha


10.which gas exploitation in coal mines?


11.Rastracutas build temple
 Kailasa Temple, Ellora


12.World University Game s Who won the 100 m race recently?
 Dutee Chand 

 13.Pin Valley National park ?
 Himachal Pradesh


14.Which instrument is used to measure Humidity?

15. Mosses belong to which phylum
 Phylum Bryophyta of plants known as?

17. Saraswati Samman related to which field?
  literary work written


18.Gurjeet kaur belongs to which game?

 19.Beriberi is a disease caused by a vitamin B-1


20.Who has written the book “Bikming”?
 Pavan Kumar Sharma.

 21.World’s largest cricket ground?
 Melbourne Cricket Ground


22.silent cry book
Kenzaburō Ōe

 23.Goa folk dance


24.Odisha festival? – Ratha Yatra

27.fundamental duties by witch committee
 Swaran Singh Committee

28. What are the suicidal bags of cell?



29.Battle of Tarain
 First Battle of Tarain (1191)

 30.How many members for GST council??
 GST Council is the governing body of GST having 33 members. It is chaired by the Union Finance Minister.


31.SurajKund Lake is located in which state?

32. Who elects chief justice of india?


33.In 2024, the Olympic Games will be held in?
Paris, France

34. The Quit India Movement,
8 August 1942


35.father of blue revolution in india
 Arun Krishnsnan

36. Amir Khusrow is known as the Parrot of India


37.One who pretends to be what he is not : Hypocrite

38. Synonyms for courage

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